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Knowledge Of Alnico Magnets
Introduction Of Rare Earth Magnets
Application of rare earth magnets
Neodymium Magnets
Ceramic/Ferrite Magnet
NdFeB Magnet(Bonded)
NdFeB Magnet(Sintered)
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China United Magnet Co.,Ltd, is a high-tech company,leading manufacturer and exporter of permanent magnets,magnetic equipments and magnetic assemblies. Since the year it was estabilshed in 1988,through 20years development,China United Magnet Co.,Ltd plays important role in the permanent magnetic industry in china.

We are specialized inNdFeB magnet, Neodymium magnets,SmCo magnet, Alnico magnet,Ferrite magnet, Flexible rubber magnet and magnetic assemblies etc.
China United Magnet Co.,Ltd Has introduced the world advanced quickcuring strip casting machine, HD units, Jet mills,continuous sintering furnace etc,which enables the company to produce high-performance sintered magnets with good consistency and uniformity. Various sintered NdFeB magnets in square,disc,arc,ring and sector shapes are also custorm-made.

All of our permanent magnetic products are munufactured based on ISO 9001 system and QS-900 quality standards.The products apply widely in the industry of Motor, Speaker, IT industry,Medical treatment machines,Biology project etc. Our products are favored by the customers around the world, especially in Europe, America and Asia China United Magnet ,Your Permanent Magnet !


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