The secret of the magnet

April 24, 2010 | tags china magnets   | views
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The absorption of iron is a magnet for well-known secret. But then I discovered the true secret of his.

I erected an experiment, it was a strange phenomenon. For the first magnet, magnets, surrounding the two B

Between each magnet is attached firmly to the charge given block. As hard to see a couple brothers

Hug. If your fingers are not strong and fees, one should not expect them to open!

I second magnet to a magnet near the time, rather than the current 1, 2 magnets, such as whether

It does not stick together. How many enemies do not want to stick together like husband and wife!

This is what happened? Magnets with the same reason, sometimes, sometimes it is not attached? I have a question

Open the "10000" Why

I did a lot of effort, finally found the answer. The same pole of each magnet 42 has north and south in the original

Similar to other attractions, the "very, very different appeal," the principle is close to look.

Wow! Very interesting! Even a small magnet will have so much knowledge, I have to live

Conscience, with'll more things secret, to win the glory of our country find!