China Magnet notice the earthquake? Not feasible!

April 19, 2010 | tags china magnets   | views
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Each strong earthquake occurs, people notice the way some heat. The last two lines said: 1

Tile or the potted plants at the same height as a magnet with a rope, iron, stick a big magnet. Preearthquake

Profound changes in the Earth's magnetic field, magnetic iron magnets, trembling, falling, will be lost, and notices.

In this respect, Earth Sciences, Zhongshan University noted that his chapter, the local magnetic field before and after the earthquake, but the change, but change

Very few documents with high sensitivity must be observed. General magnet can not perceive

So small changes in geomagnetic field. Thus, "not a magnet," he is not one that can be scientifically justified.

A few coins in a rope suspended in the magnetic field and magnetic inhaler, you may experience an earthquake?