Choice of china magnets 3

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Suppose Ur = 1.50 trillion magnet high Siaosite, Br 14142G should. If the magnet 50MGOe

Place the first magnet 39MGOe, then the gap flux density will be 1000 * 14142/12500 = 1131G or increased, I

The magnets are 50MGOe diameter of 10% reduced to $ BG = 1000G flux density used. In short, for this example,

Output has increased by 20% to 13% of the feed to the system's ability to improve resist demagnetization has not changed may be the same results

With the first magnet, magnet length was increased by 30% to reach if the ability of the system for increased resist demagnetization

.There are many factors that are influencing the design of the selection of magnetic materials that can power the products that not be the first.