Choice of china magnets 2

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Choice of china magnets 2

Maximum power for a given material is the maximum value of the BN * Hn, shown in Figure 2. If the permanent magnet of iron can be left

Magnetic Br = 20000G, the product will be able to reach 100MGOe. Currently, due to increasing iron mixed elements of coercive force to improve

, The remanence Br ≤ 16000G, the largest land over 60MGOe. For all subjects at high energy, maximum power point

BN-Hn slightly higher than that which determines the characteristics of an important work, the slope lower load line or the permeability coefficients

PC, as shown in Figure 2.
    System of magnetic circuit geometry determined by the work of established PC, PC to a magnet, before the magnetic geometry to determine the magnetic circuit. If the magnet

Geometry, so that work on the PC, the hardware point of maximum power, the use of magnetic material better integrate the magnetic circuit generated when the system

The total flow required, the flux density and uniformity. In general, the magnetic PC to work normally in the vicinity of the magnetic length

The ratio of the length of labor. The maximum energy of magnetic materials modern desktop PC is close to 1, which arises from the magnetic geometry

Diameter and effective length of approximately 0.5 times that. Increasing the magnetic length, to improve the resilience of demagnetization magnet, so that we

increase of 30% of the magnet length, aspect ratio is 0.65, PC = 1.3. If PC = 1 时, Bn = 6250, the flow outside the system

Density, 1000G, when the magnet length increase of 30%, PC = 1.3 hours, Bn increase the 7065G, the flux density System Gap

If 7065 * 1000/6250 = Superior 1130th gap flux density can increase the size of the magnet, but reached

System reduces the ability to resist demagnetization.