Choice of china magnets 1

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Choice of china magnets 1

The main considerations circuit design, magnetic flux density of air gap

uniformity at the end of operating conditions the effects of demagnetization and

environmental factors.

magnetic circuits, you must understand the system

requirements on the magnetic properties of priorities, good

identifying the characteristics of magnets

    In general, the density of the air gap Bg is the most important, it can

be demonstrated by the current analysis, for the

Full magnetic circuit, Bulgaria and the magnetic flux density Br

directly. geometry of the magnetic direct impact on the operating system

Line demagnetization factor, the magnetic force is proportional to withdraw

magnetic system, the work can have. Environmental factors affecting

The total flux available

, Also establishes the demagnetization factor.

    If several materials are consistent with the requirements of design, the product

design elements as possible. To understand this,

We remember how the product can be calculated. This is the maximum energy

product can be reduced, with a strong Siaosite Siu said that

Conditions can also be explained entirely the product of calculation. calculated curves

on the basis of the coordinates NL and H
The standard curve of magnetic materials can be obtained from external

energy unit, the device can be used for energy is one of the

The use of magnets. Standard curve with equation Bi = B "I" directly

related to the energy curves. Standard curve and cross


Item of the residual magnetic flux density Br, points of intersection with

horizontal axis coercivity Hc, coercive force and demagnetization


Performance. For modern "lines" high-energy materials at room temperature

The value of the father is somewhat higher than the value of HC, so that B / H and

Ur is the permeability of the performance slightly above 1. Thus

The requirement to be inaccurate, we can consider the B / H and whether a product can be